Scandinavia, the Pioneers of Sustainable High Quality Design

Scandinavia, the Pioneers of Sustainable High Quality Design


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Scandinavia is an incredible part of Europe filled with culture, high quality design and right now, with a huge sustainable development! Characterized by minimalism, simplicity and functionality Scandinavian design is on the forefront of modern interest and appeal. In regards to furniture and fashion; Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland are dominating the market and striking up consumer-talk from all edges of the world. With monochrome themes and crisp natural colors, Scandinavian style is creating a worldly ID within furniture and fashion that is being implemented on a global scale. There is no argument that Scandinavia is at the forefront of sustainable development. Weather it be conferences, business practices or product design development, a key ingredient for the Scandinavian mindset is planet first.

Just like furniture, their apparel aesthetics can be characterized by timeless garments and high quality long lasting designs. With an interest to embrace classic elements and a philosophy surrounded by craftsmanship and heritage, Scandinavian style is reaching a whole other level of slow fashion that is able to combine long lasting design with modern appeal.

Slow Fashion, a sustainable fashion method coined by Kate Fletcher, embraces the appeal of high quality wear and long lasting creations. With an interest in silks, wools, cashmeres, organic materials, leathers, recycled materials and more, slow fashion is on the forefront of the industry and is being pioneered by Scandinavian cool.

The world is full of wonderful aesthetics, but the difficulty is to embrace sustainability and modern appeal. With sustainability in the back of everyone’s minds, Scandinavian fashion has the power to skyrocket this sector to a new level of fashion coolness.

Overall Nordic style has adopted a priceless vibe of edgy creations and slow fashion appeal. With new designers emerging left and right, who knows what holds for the future Scandinavian fashion industry.

After living in Copenhagen Denmark for four years and now Stockholm Sweden, I have decided to select some of my favorite Scandinavian sustainable fashion brands that embrace recycling, organic materials, social entrepreneurship and more!

Fillipa K: Fillipa K is a Swedish high quality modern fashion forward brand embodying the method of slow fashion and minimalism. It is classic Scandinavian design with sustainable creation. Through the use of high status wools, cashmeres, silks and more they embrace the process of attention to detail and everlasting silhouettes. They are also a strong supporter of circular economy and offer rental services. They also know that product care is very important when it comes to making a design last! Even in the stages of washing and mending, they want to make sure their customers know how to repair and keep the circular of goods going.


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Nudie Jeans: Nudie Jeans is a Swedish brand that believes in quality over quantity!
All products are 100% organic cotton! They believe in strong social responsibility, recycling, transparency and free repair services. Check out their production site as well! Nudie Jeans knows that it is important to be honest and allow consumers to know where their clothes are made. They believe in people knowing the conditions and materials from the inside and out. This brand offers high quality jeans that are cool and modern.

Article 2 Nudie jeans

Article 2 Nudie jeans

Aiayu: Aiayu is a Danish brand located in the heart of Copenhagen. They believe in creating strong social responsibility and embracing tradition production. From the start, they wanted to create good through their clothing. To do so, they went to Nepal to embrace their culture of knits and designs to create a scandinavian style. They have expanded their designs to embrace different people and cultures around the world. In India as well, they have developed a zero-waste action plan and only seeing this as a positive move for the industry and their collections. To buy their latest collections and timeless styles visit their website!

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Barbara I Gongini: Barbarai I Gongini i is a Danish brand established in the field of international Avant-Garde fashion design and luxury products.Through experimental shapes and grunge edgy looks, Barbara I Gongini is testing the lines of sustainable design and Scandinavian cool. Through her designs. She pushes the boundaries of ethical fashion through zero-waste and upcycling projects. Their DNA focuses around timeless minimalism that is ever lasting style. With an approach centered around the consumers interested in sustainability and luxury, Barbara I Gongini is the perfect brand to embrace your wild side while also supporting the planet.