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San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International


Celebrating the 6th Annual San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International!

“We have created a platform for sustainable artists to unite, as one community, expanding the awareness of healthy-fashion and
eco-friendly apparel & products for people and the planet.”

We PROMOTE those committed to Environmental Preservation for the Health of Future Generations through fashion!
…Sustainability is at the core of what we do!

We continue our work by expanding the awareness reaching new audiences while promoting those in the sustainable fashion, healthy beauty and chemical-free industries for environmental preservation for the health of future generations.  With the purpose to inform and educate more people about sustainable fashion in partnership with educators guiding the new fashion professionals, we look forward to implementing content into video and deliver through television, social media & online promotional markets. Main stream media makes possible to reach thousands of people receiving the message of what is sustainable fashion, and chemical-free beauty products. Our added purpose is for people to make informed choices exercising their purchasing power in support of the green movement.

The invitation is for those: creating eco-fashion, those teaching sustainable fashion, those manufacturing healthy textiles, those innovators going beyond what we know that the fashion industry provides; everyone who stands for excellence and transparency, join the community!

Thank you in advance for participating and engaging with our Mission and Vision for healthy communities and a prosperous green economy!


This year’s SFSFWI was a success on delivering our mission and beyond. We participated with other organizations bringing the educational awareness
about Sustainable Fashion and environmental preservation to their audiences.

We expanded our commitment by bringing the First Sustainable Fashion Industry, West Coast Conference, Experts United!

This was an inspirational beginning to what’s possible when those in the industry came together to share their expertise and experiences
with our audiences. Professionals and attendees networked and shared information. New beginnings were present! A new community of conscious professionals, businesses owners, manufactures, students of fashion and individuals was present at the West Coast Conference.
This was very exciting to witness! Thank You!

I would like to express my most profound gratitude to all of those who generously donated their time and effort to make this year a success.
Find them in the Speakers, Designers & Team Pages.

In Gratitude & Appreciation,
Sandra Hanns, SFSFWI
Founder & Organizer

SFSFWI & Experts United! 

Photo by Sandra Hanns

Clean by Design

Video by www.nrdc.org

We are committed to the transition to a sustainable fashion and a healthy beauty industries!


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